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Leson Saddles

Security Blanket

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Security Blanket

With its unique Channel Air System™, the Leson Security Blanket is lightweight, close-contact, non-slip, and offers the superior protection needed to help keep your horse happy and healthy.

Channel Air System™
The unique Channel Air System™ allows air to circulate and vent through the top channel, helping to evaporate moisture and dissipate heat, keeping your horse’s back cooler and more comfortable.

Superior Quality Materials
The underside is FDA approved and hypo-allergenic thermo-formed EVA. EVA is preferred in the manufacture of the most advanced running shoes because of its superior cushioning ability, incredible light weight, and ability to conform. The top side is the finest synthetic suede which is good looking and very durable. Both materials, along with the ChannelAir design, greatly reduce slippage, while the self conforming properties of EVA assure a better saddle fit and a more comfortable horse.

The Leson Security blanket is contoured to fit the horse’s back, keeping the pad from binding across the withers and shoulder and allowing more freedom of movement.

Easy Care
Unlike pads that require laundering and hanging time to dry, the Leson Security Blanket simply requires a quick hosing off. Just shake it dry, and it’s ready to go.

The unique design distributes the rider’s weight where it is most easily carried by the horse, eliminates bulk under the upper leg, and allows better contact and positioning of the lower leg.

The Leson Security Blanket weighs only 24 ounces. It’s like tossing a feather on your horse’s back-something both you and your horse will appreciate.

Incorporating the same innovative technology that makes a Leson Saddle ride like no other in the world, we have developed a superior saddle pad that will out perform anything else on the market today...GUARANTEED!

Security Blanket